Illustration of DTVEM

The Differential Time Varying Effect Model

Differential Time-Varying Effect Model (DTVEM) This site is an accompaniment to the following paper: Jacobson, N. C., Chow, S, & Newman, M.G The Differential Time-Varying Effect Model (DTVEM): A Tool for Diagnosing Optimal Measurement and Modeling Intervals in Intensive Longitudinal Data.

This tool allows researchers to predict when processes optimally predict themselves or other processes. DTVEM is designed to identify optimal lag times for processes, combining an automated exploratory and confirmatory approaches to explore optimal time lags, and then using well-validated confirmatory modeling to optimally estimate when processes predict one another.

The package was written in the R statistical package.

The package is available upon request by emailing: Following it’s publication the code will be made publically available on this web page.