Statistical Consulting

I am willing to provide statistical advice and support. Specifically, I can help with designing a study, creating the statistical analysis plan, performing statistical analyses, drafting the results, and making tables/figures. If you would like assistance with your statistical analysis, please contact me at

I am experienced in the following statistical methods:
  • Time-series analysis (for repeated measured data)
    • Dynamical systems modeling
    • Dynamic factor analysis
    • Auto-regressive, cross-regressive modeling, and auto-regressive–moving-average model
    • Spectral analysis Lomb-Scargle periodogram (for unevenly sampled time series)
    • Spline-based approaches
    • Mixed effects/Multilevel modeling
    • Structural equation modeling
    • Person-specific data analysis
    • Survival analysis
    • Time-varying effects
  • fMRI Analysis
    • Mixed effects activation
  • Cluster analysis
  • Meta-analysis
    • Random effects
    • Time-series meta-analysis
    • fMRI meta-analysis
  • Multiple-imputation
  • Exploratory and Confirmatory factor analysis