Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy in the Digital Age: Presidential Address


Our field has come a long way in establishing cognitive behavioral therapy as the empirically-supported treatment of choice for a wide range of mental and behavioral health problems. Nevertheless, most individuals with mental disorders do not receive any care at all, and those who do often have difficulty accessing care that is consistently high in quality. Addressing these issues is complex and costly and thus progress has been slow. We are entering an exciting stage in which emerging technologies might offer novel solutions to the treatment gap. This paper discusses a number of technology-enabled solutions to our field’s challenges, including internet-based and smartphone-based cognitive behavioral therapy. Nevertheless, we must remain attentive to potential pitfalls of these emerging technologies. The manuscript incorporates suggestions for how the field may approach these potential pitfalls and provides a vision for how we might develop powerful, scalable, precisely timed, personalized interventions to enhance global mental health.

Behavior Therapy